A Photocraft Music Box

Part of the fun of photocrafting is finding new and interesting ways to use photos. But, a music box?

A music box personalized with a photograph.
The Music Box Shop gave us a great option for a personalized photo music box!

We wanted a gift for a special friend at her high school graduation.  We just couldn’t land on an idea that seemed right.  However, she was giving a piano recital as part of her graduation and it occurred to us that maybe something musical would be nice.  A quick call to her piano instructor gave us the name of a couple pieces she’d be playing that might be available on music boxes.  One was Claire De Lune; surely we could find it?  We Googled and searched and, among other sites, browsed the Music Box Shop.   Then the unexpected — a music box that played Claire De Lune AND could be personalized with a photo.  If photocrafting is involved, I’m sold!

For our project, we simply had to purchase the music box, get a good physical copy of the photo we wanted to use, and insert it into the slot on the music box. Although our particular box is no longer available, the current product appears to have a better mechanism for inserting the photo. That’s about as easy as photocrafting can be!

An image of a current music box product that is intended to have a photograph inserted in the lid.
A music box is a special and easy photocraft gift!

This photocrafting project was a bit different than most we talk about because it didn’t involve a digital image. All of our projects to date have involved online photos but photocrafting is much older than digital images! Photographs have been around since the early 1800’s and photo albums came soon after. Photo albums or scrapbooking is probably the earliest form of photocraft. While we’ll mostly focus on digital photocrafting projects here, using actual physical photos is certainly part of the craft.

An example of early photocrafting! (Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash)

Is there anything you can’t do with photocrafting these days?  Actually, that’s what I hope we can explore in this blog.  We would love to hear your ideas and experiences.  And guest bloggers are welcome!

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