A Photo Blanket

Ready to make a gift or something special for yourself? How about a blanket with your favorite photo on it? So easy, so fun!

I found a great deal on Groupon for a photo blanket. As you know, that’s beyond tempting for a photocrafter! The offer was from PrinterPix for 30″x40″ polar fleece blankets. All I had to do was find a couple photos I liked and the rest is history (as they say?)

There are different blanket choices: polar fleece, sherpa, mink, etc. I chose polar fleece above and later sherpa for another throw. I like the soft blues of the ocean blanket but feel that the image shows better with more contrast as in the forest blanket. Both of these are polar fleece. Do note that you will likely see coloring changes between the actual photo and the blanket. This is probably due to the fabric texture as well as the various transfer processes that take place.

An image of an original photo that I chose to make into a blanket throw.
The original Yosemite photo

After a trip to Yosemite with friends, I thought a good ‘thank you’ would be a blanket throw of one of our photos from the trip. I chose the one from Upper Falls. This time I used Shutterfly and ordered a 50″x60″ Sherpa Photo Blanket, hoping it would be a warm and comfy throw on their couch. Our friends are happy with the gift!

Similar to the one-photo greeting cards, you only need to pick a photo, upload it to the site, make any scaling or other small edits, and order.

Find the option for a “custom” or “your design”, then “personalize”

Is a single photo transferred to a blanket the end of the story? Not at all. A good friend and outstanding wood carver makes a new Christmas tree ornament each year. I wanted to honor those she’s given me so I photographed each one. I simply laid each ornament on a dark blue sheet of paper and took a picture. I then used Photoshop Elements to draw around each ornament and delete the background. (Note that you can avoid using PhotoShop by sticking with the background color on the photo.)

After I had the digital image cut-outs of the ornaments, I uploaded them to PrinterPix and laid them out on a grid. My friend was thrilled with the resulting blanket.

Have fun using your imagination. A photo blanket makes a wonderful gift or a great memory for yourself!

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