A Last Minute Photo Gift

Okay it’s mid-December and you don’t have all your gifts yet. Or maybe you’re ahead of the game and are planning a fun party with friends before the holidays. Or your child is bored with all the shopping and cooking and wants something they can do.

You want a photo that has a focal point
appropriate for fitting into the frame.

How about a photo ornament? You’ll need a printed picture that has an area about 1.5″ by 2″ that you want to display. Head to your nearest crafts store and pick up some DIY unfinished wooden photo ornaments and decorating supplies. Joann has lots of wooden frame options and they are probably on sale now. (You can also order them from Oriental Trading but that will take a few days at least.) Be sure to buy some glue, decorations, and paints as well.

Start with the wooden ornament and add to it however you wish. Insert your picture and you have just finished a photo ornament gift! (It’s even small enough to mail easily.)

Here’s an example: Start with a wooden star, some paint (and paint brush), glitter, and glue.

You do need to make sure that you have a frame and picture that will fit together well. The frame cut-outs vary from around 1.5″ x 1.5″ to as large as 2″x3″.

The earlier example used paint and glitter but there are plenty of other decorating supplies. Try sequins, buttons, beads, or pom poms. (Tip: If you’re using anything other than sequins and glitter, use hot glue.)

Make photo ornaments for your own decorations or to give as gifts. Involve your children and let them decorate the frames as they wish. No children? How about an adult party? Suggest each guest bring a picture of their choice — maybe even a theme? Say a picture of their favorite flowers or favorite animal. Spread out lots of decorating supplies and blank wooden ornaments. Be sure to give a prize for the best ornament!

Better yet, take pictures at the party! There are many instant film cameras now (e.g. polaroid cameras) or you can have a portable photo printer for your smartphone. How about making pictures on the spot at an ugly sweater party (or any kids’ party?) Let guests decorate the frames and put their pictures from the party in them. Makes a fun party favor!

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