Photo Tote Bags

What a terrific surprise! I received a photocrafting gift for Christmas! My sister made a tote bag for me and filled it with presents. (Note the photo wrapping paper above as well!) Turns out, she made several tote bags as gifts for family and friends:

My sister used Personalization Mall and chose “1 Photo 14×10 Tote Bag”. If you have more photos you want to use, you can choose 2 or 3 photos. There’s also a larger tote bag, 20″x15″. Another option is to add a few words of text above and below the photos. Personalization Mall offers an option to use nine photos in a 3×3 grid as well.

To make one for yourself or as a gift, go to PersonalizationMall photo tote bags. Be imaginative in thinking about who will be using the tote bag; you can pick almost any subject(s) for your photo(s)! It’s a great gift for a family member or a close friend, maybe someone who has a well-loved pet. How about making them for a group celebrating a special event or as a memento of a trip together. A tote bag would make a nice teacher gift or as a “wrapping” for other gifts (as my sister did.)

Start by selecting the size tote and the number of photos you want to include. Choose a color for the photo borders, add text lines above and below the photos if you wish, and upload your photos.

My sister said that she was very pleased with the results and so were the friends and family to whom she gave them. They were on sale when she ordered them and came quickly. I can add that the quality of the tote bag is excellent; it’s very well made! Thanks to my sister!

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