It’s Puzzle Time

The days are getting longer but many of us are still feeling trapped inside with snow, wind, and rain raging outside our doors. It’s time for a puzzle! And what better than one that includes photocrafting?

A picture from which I created a jigsaw puzzle.

As part of a fun ‘game’ with my sister, I found a picture of a well-known destination and turned it into a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a double puzzle! She has to put it together and then she has to guess the location shown on the photo.

I used and decided on a very simple puzzle. It’s 10″x14″ and has 60 pieces. (Frankly, I’d go for more pieces the next time.) It’s very simple to make following the usual photocrafting steps for straight-forward design layout: upload one or more photos, drag the photo(s) onto the template, preview, and order.

I was extremely pleased with the result. The puzzle arrived in good time and was nicely sturdy. I didn’t realize I would get a box, especially not one with the picture, so that was a pleasant surprise. I put it together myself to test it out before giving it to my sister.

Shutterfly says:

  • Puzzle dimensions: 60-piece and 252-piece: 10 x 14 inches; 520-piece: 16 x 20 inches; 1014-piece: 20 x 30 inches
  • Puzzles are designed for 1-9 photos
  • 60-piece puzzle recommended for ages 6+
  • 252-piece, 520-piece, and 1014-piece puzzles recommended for ages 9+
  • A matching photo box stores your puzzle.

I often find good offers on Groupon for photocrafting projects. I found a $5 coupon for “One 11×8″ Customizable Photo Puzzle” and decided to try it. (Note: Groupon coupons almost always have an expiration date and a charge for shipping that may be more than the cost of the product!)

The coupon was for I uploaded two pictures I’d taken in a forest where a friend and I like to hike. She keeps a jigsaw puzzle going all the time so I didn’t want it to be too easy. I tried to pick two of my pictures that each had lots of similar detail throughout the picture.

I was delighted to find not only a rectangular single photo puzzle option on Printerpix but also some designs incorporating photos. I chose “Wizard Boy White” because I liked the cutout (and the surrounding white border design that would be harder to put together!) There are lots of choices for adding, modifying, and deleting text and art.

With the second image, I created a puzzle of the photo alone. Comparing the two, I decided the “wizard” design was more fun and ordered it for my friend. My $5 Groupon coupon covered the cost of the puzzle; the shipping was $7.99.

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