Easter, a Game, and Photocrafting

I wanted to find something fun as an add-on to my nephew’s Easter basket. Of course, I see this as an excuse for photocrafting so was happy to find an Easter egg themed Memory Match game at the Personalization Mall. A Memory Match Game requires players to spot the identical pairs in a set of cards. The cards are placed face down and turned over two at a time with the goal of matching pairs together with the help of your memory. These rules below are for a 2-person game.

  • Mix up the cards.
  • Lay them in rows, face down.
  • Turn over any two cards. If the two cards match, keep them. If they don’t match, turn them back over.
  • Remember what was on each card and where it was.
  • Watch and remember during the other player’s turn.
  • The game is over when all the cards have been matched.
  • The player with the most matches wins.

A player can also play alone, timing how long it takes to go through the set and find all pairs, only turning over two at a time.

A layout of the twelve car images chosen for this game design.
The full set includes two of each image.

I’m making this for a slightly older child (8-10 years old) so I wanted to be sure it wasn’t too easy. Charley loves cars so I selected six car images, free and available stock photos from FreeStockPhotos.biz. To make the game a bit more difficult, I then flipped each of the six to get my 12 images. Note that the reverse side of the card includes whatever name (or text) you’ve chosen.

To get started, click on “Personalize and Add to Cart.” Choose the pink or blue coloring and type in a name (or other text) up to 12 characters. Upload each of your photos. Photos can be up to 20mg in size but must be a jpeg (or jpg) format.

I had my images all together in a file on my computer so it was easy to drag and drop. Be aware the you must first click on “Select Photo”. (I had to start over when I dragged one directly to the “No Photo Selected” square itself.)

An illustration of dragging an image to the upload photo square.
“Select a photo” will take you to your computer files but it’s straight-forward to drag & drop.

Note: the cards are square so be sure that your picture will fit into a square comfortably. Personalization Mall offers good tools for cropping the image.

Though we typically use personal photos of family and friends for our photocrafting projects, here you see an example of making a great gift (or keepsake) with stock photos as well. Your creations are personal when they reflect something meaningful to the recipient. Be aware that there are often copyright issues with stock images so be sure you’re getting photos that are free and clear.

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