Anniversaries and Photos

My niece, Shell, has an anniversary coming up so she was ready to do some photocrafting for a special gift. She really likes to support small businesses and artists, and Etsy is a great place to get unique personalized gifts for your significant other. Of course, that includes personalized photo gifts just perfect for photocrafting. Shell found an Etsy shop called CreateGiftLove that offers personalized wood and leather gifts and decided on a photo keychain.

The Personalized Photo Keyring that Shell chose has options for text personalization and leather color. The text can be one of their standard options (like MAMA) or you can enter your own text up to six characters. The text availability is limited to uppercase letters, numbers, and the symbols ‘! . ? ‘ & ♥’.

Shell chose the Brown Debossed leather and their initials, A&S. Unlike most photocrafting sites, you place your order and then contact the shop to send the photo you want included in the keychain. Once you place your order and pay for it, you go to the ‘purchases and reviews’ tab in your Etsy account. Click ‘contact the shop’ to open a new Etsy Conversation and attach the photo you would like to use.

Your chosen photo is printed directly onto the stainless steel insert, and this is hidden within the leather case.  CreateGiftLove says the photo should be of the highest possible quality – they recommend iPhone camera standard as a minimum. Also note that the photo is portrait (i.e. vertical); you don’t want the main part of the image to be lost. (Dimensions of the keychain are 4cm x 3.5cm or about 1.6″ x 1.4″.)

Shell was very pleased with the final product. It came more quickly than she expected and looks as good as she hoped.

Shell reminds you to be sure you know where your items come from as that will seriously impact the delivery time. Her leather keychain came from England to the U.S. so it could take a few weeks to a month. Note that Etsy has a way to filter for only U.S. shops.

* P.S. I want to show you photocraft projects that I’ve made myself (or, in this case, my niece Shell.) However, when the images include family and friends, I like to protect their privacy as much as possible. Many thanks to Unsplash and photographer Carly Rae Hobbins for providing the photo of the couple in the image above.

3 thoughts on “Anniversaries and Photos

  1. I’ve never used Etsy, except when my niece was making shirts and selling them there! This might be the time to try. The key ring is very special, a great idea. Camille

    1. Thanks, Camille. Shell is really happy with her purchase. It’s a great Father’s Day gift too.
      Do note it’s from England so allow some extra time for shipping.

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