Father’s Day

What a great Father’s Day greeting from Megan at Brassy Apple.

I love having an excuse to do some photocrafting and  Father’s Day is a perfect occasion.  Shell says it’s often hard to find something for a guy, especially something with photos but we have a few ideas for you.

How fun to get updates in the frame each year!

For starters, how cute is the picture of the the three kids? This idea came from Megan on Brassy Apple who had a tradition of taking three photos each year to honor Dad. We typically show you products that are made from one or more photos that you have already taken. Sometimes it’s more creative and at least as much fun to take the photo(s) specifically to create the gift.

This is a project you can do between now and June 21st, Father’s Day. You need three letters (or two — a “D” and an “A”) and a frame that will hold three photos.  Take the shots, get them developed, and you have created a fabulous gift! If you want to start a tradition, you only have to switch out the photos the next year!

Okay, you get the idea!  Seems like if we count the number of people we want in the picture, add in any groupings as needed, and find a word we like of the same length, we’re good to go!  (Be sure you can get a frame that will nicely accommodate the number of letters/people you want to use.) Of course, you could do the same child in different poses for the different letters you want to use.

Now that you have the idea, think about other photos you might take. You might also want to spring for a cool frame.   Brassy Apple did a beautiful panoramic for a grandfather.  How sweet is this?

Seven grandchildren make a perfect picture in a special frame for the seven letters of Grandpa.

Kim at SweetGrace generalized the letters to work for other occasions as well as Father’s Day.  She also chose to create the letters from her printer rather than buying wooden ones, a definite DIY project!

Love craft photo frame kids
Make a more general photo with LOVE instead of a specific family member.

We’ve done several previous photocrafting projects that would also make good Father’s Day gifts. Imagine the Valentine’s coffee mug or the anniversary keychain as a Father’s day gift instead.

If you’re worried that your guy might not like a family photo, one tip is to use a photo of a place rather than a photo of people. If he’s not the romantic or sentimental type, pick a favorite vacation memory. Consider sticky notes with an image from a coast visit or a blanket from a scene in Yosemite National Park.

Whatever you decide, choose something that’s fun for you and for the dad you’re honoring. Happy Father’s Day!

* P.S. I want to show you photocraft projects that Shell and I’ve made ourselves. However, when the images include family and friends, I like to protect their privacy as much as possible. Many thanks to Unsplash and photographers Nurpalah Dee and Felipe Salgado for providing photos we used.

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