Photocrafting Anniversary Favorites

We’re celebrating our first year of Thanks so much for your support. Our Five Favorites today will be from our last year of posts — what did we think was especially fun to make, what do we find ourselves doing again, what do we wish we could do more often?

1. Favorite for Usefulness and Ease of Use is my clear winner and, not surprisingly, our first post. We wrote about it last July and I just used it again this past week. I recently had a birthday. I really want to write thank you’s because I want to tell the person how much I enjoy the gift. It’s so thoughtful and special. But I don’t particularly like to write notes of any kind. With Touchnote, I really do have fun writing thank you notes with pictures related to the gift or images from recent hikes. It works equally well on my laptop (or desktop) and on my phone.

It shows a picture of a gift for a suitcase and the picture on the front of a Touchnote postcard.
Shell gave me a neat gadget to hold a drink when pulling my suitcase. I snapped a photo (left) then uploaded it to Touchnote and added Thank You. Of course, I wrote a note on the other side with the address.
2. Favorite for Handy Gifts
A picture of a sticky not pad made from an image of hte periodic tablel

Almost a year ago, August 15, I was busily making sticky note pads for Christmas stocking stuffers. The sticky notes from Zazzle are actual Post-Its® so they work especially well. I had fun grabbing a photo of the periodic table and making a gift for a chemistry friend. We’ve had beautiful wildflowers out this year to I may be inspired to make a new set of notepads!

3. Favorite for Personalizing
A picture of a pair of custom socks with rings and hearts scattered among the faces.

I first found DivvyUp socks when I received a pair of socks as a gift from a dear friend. What fun to have my cute grandnephew featured! Since then I’ve made gifts for friends (note the dogs in the November 30 posting.) I just found several new patterns on their website. How cute are these wedding socks? You can upload up to three faces so imagine the bride and groom or three attendants for a bridesmaid gift? Your photo(s) are uploaded, they pull out the face(s), and then this design includes small images of a ring and a heart. Check out all their ideas for holidays, pets, and faces. (No, this isn’t an ad. We just like to share good ideas we find!)

4. Favorite for Being Crazy

This is one of our recent posts and very specific to the times (which is part of what makes it crazy!) On June 15, photocrafting masks was the focus! I’ve not done it yet but I think it might be fun to create some masks for children, for example, using their favorite super heroes or pets. I wear the ones I made back in June regularly. They’re quick to put on and reasonably comfortable. I know that it often makes other people smile to see my designs. Photocrafting can help make an unpleasant situation more fun!

The picture shows two masks, one with colorful super heroes and the other with the photo of Caesar, a favorite pet.
Super heroes or a favorite pet might be especially appealing to younger folk.
5. Favorite for a Truly Keepsake Piece
A picture of my bedroom wall with a sunset tapestry made from one of my photos.
One of my sunset photos in a tapestry.

Perhaps the most professional-looking photocrafting piece I have is the tapestry of one of my favorite ocean scenes. I love seeing it hanging on our bedroom wall. I grew up in Kansas so the ocean is always special to me. The tapestry is different than a framed photo or a canvas. It’s considerably larger and has more texture so it seems more “alive.”.

We’d love to hear from you. Have you made any of these projects yourselves? What other projects have you made? Are there particular topics or photocrafting tips or projects you’d like to see in the next year?

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