Phone Photocrafting

By now you probably know that I most often use my computer or laptop for photocrafting. Niece Shell likes being on her smartphone so this post is from her! She suggests five photocrafting options for your phone. (She uses an iPhone; I use an Android, and these work on both). Apps that work directly on your smartphone mean you don’t have to upload your photos to a computer!


This one is Shell’s most-used photo app. She’s used it for prints and for canvases (though the website has all the usual photocrafting options — cards, magnets, blankets, etc.). Shell likes it because

  • It’s easy to use and order directly from her phone.
  • She earns points on every purchase toward future products.
  • All you have to do is upload the photos in the app, then pick the finish and size.
  • Even professional photographers recommend it for photo prints.

P.S. you have to do the framing yourself!


The Ongoing Photo Book Series is especially great for the busy photocrafter. It’s a subscription service that automatically creates a photo book for every 60 new photos uploaded to a specified source: Facebook, Instagram, or Camera Roll. You pay just $10 for each softcover album (or $15 for hardcover). Photos appear in chronological order. Nothing actually gets ordered until you press the ORDER button so you can add captions, do some editing, change the book title, and more. You can cancel anytime.

HP Sprocket

The Sprocket is actually a printer rather than software! You connect this instant printer to your phone using the Sprocket app. Shell got her Sprocket for under $100.

  • She likes to print 2″x3′ photos with a peel and sticky back.
  • She was given a wedding book and says she’s been using the sprocket printer to print out images for that because it’s the perfect size.
  • Shell suggests trying it for a travel notebook or for putting some photos on your fridge.

Lightroom is a free image editing app that you can easily use on your phone with lots of presets as well as more editing features. There are lots of phone photo editing apps but Lightroom is the one Shell likes best.  

  • It connects to your camera roll so that it’s really easy to get the edited photos back  on your camera roll to then put on Instagram or Facebook
  • And if all the tools aren’t enough for you, there’s a premium version with more!

Shutterfly makes it easy to upload photos on your phone. Shell says she thinks the phone app is best for making cards. There are lots of photocrafting projects with Shutterfly but Shell recommends doing those on your laptop or computer. You can order prints from Shutterfly as well but Shell votes for mpix for printing.

This will encourage me to try some photocrafting directly on my phone! Hope you are ready for something new as well! (And don’t forget, Touchnote is another great phone photocrafting app that we’ve shown you before.)

2 thoughts on “Phone Photocrafting

  1. Happy Anniversary. Your blog continues to be amazing. Today I am inspired to try Lightroom on my phone. I gave it up on my PC in favor of one simpler for me to use but I should take another look at it. Today I am reminded of the photo masks and see a creative opportunity for Christmas gifts. I would guess we will be wearing masks well into next year!

    1. Thanks! Ask any questions about Lightroom and we’ll get Shell to answer! I wear my masks that I “designed” often. I think they may shrink just a little in the wash to don’t order too small.

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