Hang Up Your Photocrafting for Santa

How cute are these Christmas stockings? What a fun way to combine photocrafting, gift-giving, and holiday decorating! I saw them and wanted to make one immediately. Then I realized almost everyone I know already has a Christmas stocking. That wouldn’t stop me! I suspected that newborns and pets might be able to use a new stocking. What about newlyweds at a family gathering? These stockings also make a darling way to present a gift — maybe to your grandmother living far away or for a collection of gifts around a theme.

I decided to make a stocking for my sister’s dog, Zoe. My sister loves Christmas and all the trappings so she actually probably already has a stocking for Zoe. But maybe she could use another? I got a couple cute pictures of Zoe to try and learned immediately that I’d need to think a bit more about the outline of the image — it has to fit nicely onto the shape of a sock. We got two photos of Zoe (not always easy) and decided on the one with Zoe facing front directly.

I used the “Create Your Own” Christmas stocking on Zazzle. We’ve done photocrafting projects with them before (e.g. Christmas cards, leggings) so it’s a pretty easy process. When you “Personalize” and upload the picture, I recommend going to “Click to customize further” so that you can make more detailed changes. Clicking on LAYERS on the lower left of the screen shows you both the Front Images and Text and the Background. It lists every layer that you can edit. In the picture below I’ve selected the text box which offers lots of choices. I changed the Font and the Size. At the lower right is the preview where you click on the image to enlarge it and see both sides.

The editing page for further customization.

I was very pleased with the result when it arrived. I received it in good time. I’d bought the small sock which is 9″x16″ and it seems plenty roomy. There is a choice for a large sock that is 12″ x 20″. The socks are polyester and feel almost like a canvas material. They seem quite sturdy.

The dogs are cute but maybe you don’t have a pet or simply want some other options. If you have a family member far away, how about sending them a stocking with your family on it? In this case, I also uploaded a picture on the back as well as on the front. Imagine a place where your family spent time or perhaps a favorite place of the recipient. I was very taken with the design that includes the plaid border but there’s an option in which the design fills the entire sock. Consider a cute image of Santa or other Christmas decoration or maybe a little artwork from a child.

An image of a stocking customized with a b/w photo of the White House kitchen in 1901.

I like the idea of giving gifts in a stocking. So how about making the sock coordinate with the theme of the gifts inside. Did you find some fun kitchen tools to give this year? Or maybe lotions and creams for pampering? You know that I enjoy finding old photos so I used one from the Library of Congress: the U.S. White House kitchen in 1901. I will fill the sock with some very cool kitchen scissors, a couple sets of measuring tools, and my favorite instant read thermometer. I can add a cute kitchen towel to fill out the sock!

Have some fun creating a special stocking — Santa will enjoy it! (And so will we if you’d like to share it!)

3 thoughts on “Hang Up Your Photocrafting for Santa

  1. Sara, these are so fun! My granddog already has a stocking but I sent this to two friends whose grandsons both have new puppies.

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