Photocraft a Wine Tote

Still searching for the perfect gift for the holidays? How about a good bottle of wine in a tote photocrafted by you? Actually, the tote could be gift enough!

I got to help during an afternoon of grape harvest at our neighbor’s vineyard. (My job was to pull leaves out of the buckets of picked grapes.) It was a beautiful day so naturally I took a few pictures of the vineyard and the process. When I came upon the wine tote offered by Zazzle, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. What could be more perfect than a wine tote with pictures of the vineyard itself?

We’ve used Zazzle for lots of gifts (e.g. Santa socks) but their process is slight different than many other sites. Here are the steps I took:

It’s extremely easy to try out different ideas. If you don’t want your image to cover the entire tote, there are several backgrounds (as well as clip art.) Maybe a fine bottle of wine in your own design for a wedding gift?

So have some fun! Using existing images or clip art, your gifts can be more personal. Want to impress your KU alum uncle? Need a wedding shower gift for your friends, Rod and Maya? How about a cute piece of clip art for your Christmas wine gift? What about a 50th birthday? (I found a picture of my friend, Rich, when he was a baby.) Note that Zazzle previews can show you the tote flat as with the KU tote or with a bottle inside as the other three below. There are also many different designs available on Zazzle (but that misses the fun of photocrafting and personalizing!)

The dimensions of the tote are 6.5″w x 15.5″l x 0.31″h, just right for a 750ml-1 liter bottle. They are made of Neoprene that keeps your bottle cool and safe. Great as a standalone gift and even better when paired with a nice bottle of wine! These wine totes can be printed edge to edge in full color for fully custom designs that will stand out. The tote stores flat. Tip from Zazzle: To ensure the highest quality print, please note this product’s customizable design area measures 6″ x 15″. For best results please add 1/5″ bleed.

P.S. Many thanks to Unsplash and photographer Hian Oliveira for providing the the photo of the couple.

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