2020 Photocrafting Roundup

Now is the time for a look back at the year (at least the photocrafting year) and roundup of our favorite five. Shel took the lead on this one (though I may get in the last word!)

1. Photocrafting During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Of course we had to photocraft a mask in 2020. It’s certainly practical right now; I wear mine regularly. They’re particularly good when I need to have one at the front door or in a coat pocket for a quick chat with a delivery driver or a food pick-up at a fast food drive-through. These masks are also a great way to remember a life changing event and what we all did during it. You can still photocraft your own mask; we’ll be wearing them a few more months!

2. Photocrafting Pallets

Shel says putting a photo on a pallet may be her fav for the year! And I say it’s one of the easiest photocrafting projects. Just be aware of the lines in the slats and position your photo carefully. It’s a unique way to print a photo. I have mine hanging in a stairway we use daily and I always smile when I see it.

3. Photocrafting to Display

Shel loves displaying personal photos in her own home and thinks the art of displaying them is photocrafting too. I agree! I like this post that Shel did because it has pointers to suggested layouts. Shel has the eye for design but I don’t so any help I can get is good!

4. Preserving a Church

Okay, I was a little surprised at the choice of a book to illustrate the history of a church. I love all the beautiful photos Tim put together (and it was the church in which I grew up so there are special memories for me) but I didn’t know Shel would particularly like it. She says she loves history and loves seeing it through pictures! This book is a wonderful example to encourage you to put together your own “history book”. Maybe you’re fixing up a historical house and find old pictures and trinkets that are part of the story. Maybe you have a collection of greeting cards that your grandparents sent that would make an interesting memory to preserve. (I even wanted to save my t-shirts in a book!)

5. From Photocrafting to Wine

Photocrafting a wine tote is my choice for the year! It was quick, easy, unique, and a huge success! I gave it as a gift and the recipient was surprised and very pleased. Pair the wine tote with a bottle of wine for a really special gift. (Valentine’s Day is coming up. How about a picture with your sweetie or a favorite vacation spot? )

Photocrafting Stamps This was one of Shel’s favorite five and definitely one I too have enjoyed creating. In fact, I remember when USPS first had personalized photo stamps. I was impressed that they were ahead of the digital photocrafting trend. Shel says she still likes to send cards and photo stamps make them special. Of course, they are a natural for wedding invitations. Sadly they are no longer available.

In June of 2020 the USPS ended their custom postage program after 16 years of offering personalized postage stamps. Companies such as Minted, Zazzle, and PhotoStamps.com are no longer allowed to print custom postage. It is no longer possible to buy or create custom postage stamps.

We hope you’ve had a good year of photocrafting despite all the unexpected challenges and hardships of 2020. Please let us know what photocrafting projects you plan or what ones you might like to have us present! A Happy New Year!

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