Easter Pillows

Three images of pillows that are examples of good Easter or spring gifts.
It’s spring! It’s Easter time. What a great occasion to share a photocrafted gift with someone.

I started on today’s project unexpectedly because I got an ad for a free 12×12 pillow from Canvas People. What photocrafter could resist a new project with “free” thrown in? I thought immediately of a friend’s birthday this spring. It would be fun to make her a pillow — and we have shared lots of great hikes so I have lots of photos.

Four photos from hikes with a friend: a stream, a tidepool, wildflowers, and Mt. Hood.
I looked at several photos before choosing the tidepools.

It seemed to me that I wanted something that was pretty generic or maybe even abstract. I chose the image of the tidepool because it was a memory of a wonderful day of exceptionally low tides on the beach and because it was colorful. It was then easy to find the pillows on Canvas People and upload my image.

The Canvas People website showing various products including the pillows.  The introductory website page for creating a photocraft pillow.
The CanvasPeople site is straight-forward and easy to navigate. There are lots of photocrafting possiblities not shown here.
Two images show the preview of the tidepool pillow and the result after I received the actual tidepool pillow.

I was extremely pleased with the result. There’s a great preview function after you upload your photo (shown on top at the right) and you have the ability to scale and move your image in the template. The preview showing the pillow on a couch is extremely helpful. The actual product was even better. The colors were vibrant and the details were sharply defined (shown on the bottom on the right) As an added plus, there’s a zipper so that you can remove the cover to clean it.

So what does this have to do with Easter presents? After I received the pillow and was so happy with it, I started thinking about fun ways it could be used for Easter. How about a pillow with a family’s favorite pet for your nephew? Each year, my granddaughters and I made an Easter Bunny cake — how about commemorating that in a cute Easter pillow? No appropriate Easter photos? FreeStockPhotos has several great choices like the eggs I used. You can see my results at the top of the blog post. Hope it inspires you to try something new!

(Thanks for the photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash.)

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