Mother’s Day 2021

Now is a perfect time to do a photocrafting project for your mother! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, 2021 in the United States. Although we missed the date in the U.K., March 14, these photocrafting ideas are good for many occasions! It’s a round-up of three of our previous creations with an emphasis on our mothers!

First gather some photos. How about the youngest ones in the family, drawings from children (always one of my favorites), a family portrait, a favorite vacation memory. I gathered a couple photos in each category to consider. I loved the flowers and thought the two girls were especially adorable in this photo. The penguins seemed to have more interesting potential for a photocrafted gift than the beautiful snow.

Six family photos show a child's drawing of flowers, a child's drawing of a family, a family portrait, two young girls, snow covered mountains, and penguins in the wild.
A selection of favorite photos offers several possibilities for photocrafting a Mother’s Day gift!

Second, think about what you want to create and be sure your chosen photo fits the shape. The family photos above work best with something that is vertical although a square might work as well. The flowers and snow-capped mountains probably require a rectangular object. We chose to make a beach towel (rectangular), a pillow (square), and a tote (layout dependent).


This shows a few of the layout options Shutterfly offers for beach towel designs.
There are many layout options.

Is your mother ready for some pool time? Or maybe a trip to the beach? We loved the beach towel we made last summer and love it with Mother in mind. Our Shutterfly experience was great so we used it again. We had to do a search to find “beach towels” but that was easy. There are plenty of options and layout designs. A few are shown here to the right.

I still favor a single large image on the towel. I can never resist using a child’s drawing that deserves more than a place on the refrigerator or bulletin board. What a great way to be reminded of how talented and darling your children can be! A collage of family photos would be fun too!

This photo is an illustration of the beach towel with the child's flower drawing.
One photo for the entire towel is simple, especially when the image itself is complex.


We’re having such fun with the pillow we made recently that we thought it would be a perfect gift for Mom — or Grandmother! Find the cutest shot you can that will bring a smile to her face everyday. This needn’t be for the public; this is her special pillow. We stuck with canvaspeople because we were so happy with the colors (and handy zipper for removing the cover).

The photo shows the pillow process with a preview of the two young girls on an 18"x18" pillow.
It’s simple! Pick your pillow size; upload your photo; reposition it and zoom as desired; check out the preview!


Anyone can use a tote and what’s more fun than one that’s a reminder of a special vacation? This time we used because they allow a photo to cover the entire side of the tote. (Note that you can choose other layout options.). Mom loved the penguins in the Falkland Islands on a cruise of a lifetime. I zoomed in so that the penguins were featured front and center!

This photo shows the tote bag with the two penguins enlarged to be front and center with optional layouts.
This tote is so cute with the two penguins, and the preview shows how the bag size compares to a 5’5″ human. Note that there are various layouts if you don’t want the photo to cover the bag completely. I also zoomed in to focus on the penguins.

There’s time to create any of these and order them before Mother’s Day. Have some fun photocrafting and then the joy of giving.

Many thanks to Nathan Dumlao and for providing family photos
so we can respect the privacy of our families and children.

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