Photocrafting for June Gifts

What a great time for photocrafters! June is full of opportunities for photocrafting gifts — think June weddings, Father’s Day, graduations. Are you new to photocrafting and a little worried that it might be too much work? Shel found a wonderful site, ShoreCrafty, on Etsy that offers perfect possibilities. It’s as easy as selecting one photo and sending it off.

An image of the header.

Shel says first pick out the jewelry item you want. She chose the beaded photo bracelet for her mom for Mother’s Day. (Note that the particular bracelet Shel ordered is no longer available.) When you have put the item in your cart and checked out, the site instructs you to “attach your photo to ‘Message Seller’ after purchase using the ‘ATTACH IMAGE’ link.” Shel says when you purchase the bracelet, right under the total there’s a place to “contact the shop” and it basically opens a message. That’s how you attach the photo. Be sure to send an uncropped image.

Three images showing the bracelet that Shel chose, the receipt with the "Contact the shop" button, and the original image to send.
Shel chose a colorful bracelet, checked out, and sent an uncropped image using the “Contact the Shop” button.

ShoreCrafty determines the correct cropping for you. Shel was very happy with the bracelet when it arrived. It looked just like the one she saw on the ShoreCrafty site on Etsy. Shel thought the quality looked good too. Her mom says she’s wearing the bracelet and it’s “great.”

Two images, one of the bracelet and one of the bracelet on Shel's mom's wrist.
Shel’s bracelet is darling. When her mom glances at her wrist, she looks right at her grandson!

ShoreCrafty has more photo jewelry gifts than we can list. Here are a couple ideas — Create a bracelet for the mother or grandmother of the bride and groom. Instead of a child’s photo as Shel used, perhaps pick one of the couple who is getting married. Make cuff links for your dad for Father’s day, maybe a son on one and a daughter on the other? (Or mother and child?) Give the college graduate a charm to remember. ShoreCrafty also does charms for a Pandora bracelet which is very special gift for adding to a Pandora collection. Charms are also a marvelous idea for multiple grandchildren or children.

Two images as an example of cuff links.  One image is a sister and brother in the original photo.  The second image shows the cuff links and the problem that arises when an image contains extraneous information in the vicinity of the face.
The uncropped photo contained both siblings. Note that the sister’s jacket ends up in the brother’s image.
Be sure your uncropped image has plenty of space around the images you want centered in the jewelry.

ShoreCrafty offers a very easy way to create a personalized photocraft gift. Shel says if you’d like to make it even more personal, order a photo charm and then make your own bracelet! Whatever you do, it will be a special treasure for the recipient!

Many thanks to Garrett Jackson and Izzy Park on unSplash for providing photos
so we can respect the privacy of our families and children.

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