Gifts for Photocrafters

Hey, Shel says it’s time to think about the gifts we photocrafters might like to have. She’s put together a list of five. Hope you find something here that catches your eye or, better yet, is an addition to your personal gift list.

An image showing examples of five gifts that would be nice for photocrafters.
How about gifts for photocrafters instead of from photocrafters?
Here’s a solid tripod, a portable printer, a photo-editing app, special lens, and a beautiful leather strap.

1. Tripod with Remote

Shel has had a tripod and remote for a while so her link is out of date. She likes hers because the addition of remote control is great because you don’t need to find a willing passer-by to take a photo for you. It’s also great because it’s steady instead of trying to position wobbly arms. She says Amazon is a great place to find them that are quite portable too.

Although neither of us has tried these exact products below, they get good reviews and are similar to ones we own. I like the HPUSN Phone Tripod Flexible Stand, because it’s similar to one I have used for years. It’s so easy to put just about anyplace (even though it goes against Shel’s concern about a steady placement.). The HPUSN Phone Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick Tripod is a stable stand that can also be used as a selfie stick. Almost all the ones we considered have a srew-on attachment to your phone or to a more standard camera.   Though the second one does not have a remote, my Samsung Galaxy cellphone has speech input for camera control so it has the advantages Shel mentions for the remote.

Tripods come in a variety of sizes and uses (single, steady stand; flexible placement legs, selfie-stick conversion).
(Photographs from Amazon.

Shel suggests adding ring lights for indoor photos. There are several options for your tripod but this LITTIL Selfie One looks like a great addition not only for your phone but also for your laptop and zoom meetings.

2. Instant Portable Photo Printer

Shel bought the HP Sprocket and really likes it. It’s fun for printing small photos instantly and can be easily carried in your bag.

She thinks it would be great at a “girls” gathering  whether its a night out or a weekend trip. You can print photos for everyone to take home with them. I also think it would be fun with kids so they could have something tangible right away. It is exactly what you need for those last minute photo gifts, for example, the photo ornaments or similar photocrafting projects that need an actual hardcopy image insesrted. Shel mentioned using it for mini-books in Phone Photocrafting.

3. Subscription or Software for Photo Editing

Shel says a really nice gift is to get someone photo editing software or to buy a subscription for an app. What a great idea! She has the Lightroom app which is free to download like most apps. However, the premium editing tools require a monthly or yearly subscription. Two premium features are the Selective tool and the Healing brush. The Selective tool lets you edit one section of the image without changing the rest of the image. The Healing brush allows you to retouch small areas by sampling the image nearby. (I often get rid of blemishes this way.). The Plans start at 1.99 monthly and $19.99 yearly depending on how much storage you want.

c|net just published an article with recommendations for 8 top photo editing apps for your phone. This might be your gift guide, ready to go.

4. Added Lens for Your Smartphone

It’s not unusual to get different lenses for your camera but did you know that you could get a lens for your smartphone? This is an idea Shel suggested by something she doesn’t have. Do you think she’s giving me a hint?

Here’s an inexpensive option from KINGMAS 3 on Amazon. How clever — it simply clips over your phone so that the enhanced lens is directly over your phone lens. There’s a macro lens (for close-ups), a wide-angle lens, and a fish-eye option (for an hemispherical image). There are excellent (and helpful) reviews. Do note that the item ships with the lens attached together. As most folks seem to want the macro capability, be sure to separate the lenses when you get them.

Special lens can add new possibilities for your photocrafting!

5. Personalized camera strap

Here’s one for your standard camera rather than your smartphone, a personalized leather camera strap. Not only is this strap elegant looking in leather but it’s very practical. It’s long enough to put the strap on your shoulder to keep your camera near at hand if you don’t want it around your neck.

A beautiful leather strap is a wonderful gift for a photographer / photocrafter.
(Photographs from the Pegai Family site on Etsy..)

To personalize the strap, you can use all upper and lower cases Latin letters (AaBb…) and all 10 numerical digits. There are a few special characters allowed; Times New Roman is the font. 15 characters, including spaces, is the max. Shel says Etsy is a great place to look for handmade personalized gifts .

Many thanks to Garrett Jackson on unSplash for providing photos
so we can respect the privacy of our families and children.

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