Photocrafting for a Photocrafter

The Mixbook site header has my book superimposed on it.
I received a photo book made just for me!

What a wonderful surprise I got this month — a photo book made just for me! I had a major birthday and Shel and her mom decided to make a book for me. I was (and am) overwhelmed! What a labor of love! It’s fabulous and seems just the right highlight for this post.

Photo books are probably the primary photocrafting experience and a good way to wrap up Photocrafting Fun for a while. We’ll look at my very special book, review some photocrafting organizing tips, and provide links to some of our earlier posts about books. Here’s to inspiring you to start creating your own book! Believe me, it will be a treasure.

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Gifts for Photocrafters

Hey, Shel says it’s time to think about the gifts we photocrafters might like to have. She’s put together a list of five. Hope you find something here that catches your eye or, better yet, is an addition to your personal gift list.

An image showing examples of five gifts that would be nice for photocrafters.
How about gifts for photocrafters instead of from photocrafters?
Here’s a solid tripod, a portable printer, a photo-editing app, special lens, and a beautiful leather strap.
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Memorial Photocrafting

Mountain View Cemetery, North Plains, OR

It seems appropriate for Memorial Day weekend to highlight a way in which photocrafting can contribute to honoring the past. has collected over 190 million cemetery records as a subsidiary of A most crucial part of each record are the photos of the cemetery, the gravesite, and the headstones. All of this information is provided by unpaid volunteers. We have focused on ways photocrafting can benefit us and our friends. This is an opportunity to benefit others as well.

An image of's ways to contribute, highlighting the buttons for "Photo Requests" and "Upload Photos."
For photocrafting, we are especially interested in Photo Requests and Uploading Photos.
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Photocrafting for June Gifts

What a great time for photocrafters! June is full of opportunities for photocrafting gifts — think June weddings, Father’s Day, graduations. Are you new to photocrafting and a little worried that it might be too much work? Shel found a wonderful site, ShoreCrafty, on Etsy that offers perfect possibilities. It’s as easy as selecting one photo and sending it off.

An image of the header.
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Jigsaw Puzzles In a Book

Pictures of three jigsaw puzzles that were painted with glue to save.

We all know photocrafting is good for scrapbooks — lots of family memories, pictures of weddings, baby books. How about a scrapbook of jigsaw puzzles? My friend, Anita, has a long family tradition of doing a jigsaw puzzle together at Christmastime. The puzzles represent happy family times so they kept them. Now, many years later, they have a collection of jigsaw puzzles that has outgrown their walls and storage spaces. What to do? Photocrafting, of course!

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