From Photocrafting to Displaying

We all love our photos so sometimes our photocrafting project is simply the challenge of displaying our photos. We can make calendars and books but what about taking advantage of the walls in our homes? Maybe you’ve framed your favorites or maybe you’ve turned the photos into canvases or even palettes. Shel loves photos that she wants to see regularly but she has limited table space and not a lot of wall space. (She’s also determined not to have things look cluttered). Shel started with two sets of photos she wanted to put on her wall. One set was the photos of her family she loves and the other was some photos from a trip to Kauai.. How does she do it?

A straight-forward grid layout or gallery look is a familiar approach and Target even has a kit with frames and mats for 12 photos. That’s fine but Shel’s pictures are of different sizes and not enough wall space for a large layout. She knew she couldn’t go with something (a)symmetrical or very spread out like these good examples from Ideal Home.

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Hang Up Your Photocrafting for Santa

Hang Up Your Photocrafting for Santa

How cute are these Christmas stockings? What a fun way to combine photocrafting, gift-giving, and holiday decorating! I saw them and wanted to make one immediately. Then I realized almost everyone I know already has a Christmas stocking. That wouldn’t stop me! I suspected that newborns and pets might be able to use a new stocking. What about newlyweds at a family gathering? These stockings also make a darling way to present a gift — maybe to your grandmother living far away or for a collection of gifts around a theme.

I decided to make a stocking for my sister’s dog, Zoe. My sister loves Christmas and all the trappings so she actually probably already has a stocking for Zoe. But maybe she could use another? I got a couple cute pictures of Zoe to try and learned immediately that I’d need to think a bit more about the outline of the image — it has to fit nicely onto the shape of a sock. We got two photos of Zoe (not always easy) and decided on the one with Zoe facing front directly.

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Photocrafting a Pallet

Picture of a photo pallet of a toddler walking down a road.  The pallet is positioned above a chest with a basket and pottery vase.

It’s time for the holidays and maybe that means some gift-giving. Do you have a special photo of your family, of a vacation, of a fun memory that you would love to give to someone (or have for yourself?). A canvas is always wonderful but sometimes it’s nice to find something different. I came across PhotoBarn and decided to give it a try. I had a great picture of a young toddler walking down our lane dragging a stick. I was going to make a Photo Pallet for his grandmother but liked it so well, I kept it!

Photo Barn is very easy to use and follows our usual photocrafting procedures. Find an image you like, choose the specific product and size, upload your image, and make any editing corrections. Wahoo — you’re finished except for the ordering.

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Phone Photocrafting

By now you probably know that I most often use my computer or laptop for photocrafting. Niece Shell likes being on her smartphone so this post is from her! She suggests five photocrafting options for your phone. (She uses an iPhone; I use an Android, and these work on both). Apps that work directly on your smartphone mean you don’t have to upload your photos to a computer!