Mother’s Day 2021

Now is a perfect time to do a photocrafting project for your mother! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, 2021 in the United States. Although we missed the date in the U.K., March 14, these photocrafting ideas are good for many occasions! It’s a round-up of three of our previous creations with an emphasis on our mothers!

First gather some photos. How about the youngest ones in the family, drawings from children (always one of my favorites), a family portrait, a favorite vacation memory. I gathered a couple photos in each category to consider. I loved the flowers and thought the two girls were especially adorable in this photo. The penguins seemed to have more interesting potential for a photocrafted gift than the beautiful snow.

Six family photos show a child's drawing of flowers, a child's drawing of a family, a family portrait, two young girls, snow covered mountains, and penguins in the wild.
A selection of favorite photos offers several possibilities for photocrafting a Mother’s Day gift!
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Easter Pillows

Three images of pillows that are examples of good Easter or spring gifts.
It’s spring! It’s Easter time. What a great occasion to share a photocrafted gift with someone.

I started on today’s project unexpectedly because I got an ad for a free 12×12 pillow from Canvas People. What photocrafter could resist a new project with “free” thrown in? I thought immediately of a friend’s birthday this spring. It would be fun to make her a pillow — and we have shared lots of great hikes so I have lots of photos.

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