Father’s Day

What a great Father’s Day greeting from Megan at Brassy Apple.

I love having an excuse to do some photocrafting and  Father’s Day is a perfect occasion.  Shell says it’s often hard to find something for a guy, especially something with photos but we have a few ideas for you.


Photocrafting DIY Labels

Photocrafting DIY Labels

Sometimes we need to get something done in a hurry or we don’t want to spend much money. Labels are the perfect photocrafting opportunity! You can finish your project in under an hour and it will only cost you a sheet of label paper! DIY photo labels are also one of the most creative photocrafting projects. There are almost an unlimited number of things you can do. Get ready — you’ll need your photos, some label sheets, a computer, and a printer.


Sticky Notes; Sticky Photos

Sticky Notes; Sticky Photos

Sometimes I want to give a little gift.  (My mom called them “token gifts.”)  Nothing too elaborate; nothing requiring a proper thank you note; nothing that suggests anyone reciprocate.  One of my favorites is a personalized sticky notepad. 

An example of a sticky note pad for a birthday gift.  It has a baby photo of my sister and the text "60 Years Ago" in the upper left corner.

One of the first sticky notepad projects I made used vistaprint Sticky Notes for a 60th birthday celebration.  I found a baby picture of my sister, scanned it into my computer, and uploaded the photo.   I added the text “60 Years Ago…” and that was it!

Easy to do; loads of fun; great memories!

My current favorite site for sticky notepads is Zazzle because they use real Post-Its® (that really do “stick”) but as shown above, I often use vistaprint (which is easy to use and often lower in cost.)

Personalized sticky notepads make great quick and special gifts. Stick one in a graduation card; congratulate someone on a new job; use them as stocking stuffers. Add to your creativity with a clever line or quote.

Here are a couple I made. The first is a memory of a hike in 2018 and the second is a special moment as my grandnephew attempts to pull his dad into the ocean.

Here are a few tips to get you started. This example uses Zazzle Post-Its®.

We want to share ideas for projects that any of us might make with our own pictures. We hope to encourage you to have fun and maybe try something new. Please let us know how we’re doing. We’re always looking for imaginative designs ourselves. If you have something you want to share, let us know! Maybe you’d like to be a guest editor sometime? Meanwhile back to photocrafting!