Photocrafting for June Gifts

What a great time for photocrafters! June is full of opportunities for photocrafting gifts — think June weddings, Father’s Day, graduations. Are you new to photocrafting and a little worried that it might be too much work? Shel found a wonderful site, ShoreCrafty, on Etsy that offers perfect possibilities. It’s as easy as selecting one photo and sending it off.

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Fan Cutouts as Photocrafting

Fans still fill stadiums and arenas even though they can’t attend in person.

I get a kick out of seeing the cardboard cutouts of people’s faces in the stands when we watch athletic games these days. It seems like a nice reminder that fans do exist for the players, and it’s a creative response to the covid rules that limit crowds. Plus, our college athlete granddaughter says it’s “cool to have them.” But recently I realized that I’m seeing photocrafting in action! How do those photos get there anyway? Turns out it’s not too difficult for seasoned photocrafters, even newbies!

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Photocrafting Leggings?

Two photos of a leggings I designed with 16 b/w photos to give to the mother of a toddler.
Leggings I designed with 16 photos of a favorite toddler.

I’m always on the lookout for something different to use with photos, especially for a gift. You can imagine my surprise and excitement to find leggings on Zazzle available for photocrafting! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to create a pair. I decided to do a pair for the mother of a toddler and away I went. The leggings arrived in good time and looked great — the fabric is a good quality and the images were clear. I took them to my own yoga class for show and tell. One person who loved them said she didn’t have children but it would be fun to use photos of her dog.

This is a much more interesting creative process than many photocrafting projects. It requires some planning! The good news? There’s a quick and easy method. The challenging news? It’s a wonderful project for those of you with some artistic flair and imagination.

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Summer Beach Towel

Whatever you’ve been doing this summer, it will be one to remember! And photocrafting is all about memories. So how about making a beach towel with a special memory of the summer. It’s quick and easy! With luck, you’ll still have a few weeks to enjoy using it and next summer it will be a reminder of a happy time or place in the summer of 2020.

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