Photocrafting Anniversary Favorites

We’re celebrating our first year of Thanks so much for your support. Our Five Favorites today will be from our last year of posts — what did we think was especially fun to make, what do we find ourselves doing again, what do we wish we could do more often?


Masks with Photos?

Masks are now a part of daily life in much of the world. While the coronavirus pandemic continues, masks are recommended wear whenever we’re in public, especially if it’s difficult to stay 6′ apart. While this may not be our favorite fashion statement, I was pleased to find I could feed my photocrafting passion and create something timely and useful. BagsOfLove offers a set of four custom masks (with four different designs). What could be better? Four different designs gave me an opportunity to play with different kinds of photos, photocrafting at its best!


Anniversaries and Photos

My niece, Shell, has an anniversary coming up so she was ready to do some photocrafting for a special gift. She really likes to support small businesses and artists, and Etsy is a great place to get unique personalized gifts for your significant other. Of course, that includes personalized photo gifts just perfect for photocrafting. Shell found an Etsy shop called CreateGiftLove that offers personalized wood and leather gifts and decided on a photo keychain.


Five Favorites: Involving Kids with Photocrafting

Everyone’s home now and that Includes kids of all ages. Seems like a good time to think about how the younger ones especially might get involved in photocrafting? Maybe make something for them; maybe help them create something to give to someone else (it’s hard not to see friends and family in person!); maybe use their artwork as the photo! We’ll list five of our favorite ideas, some new and some based on photo projects we’ve already shown you. Hope you’ll add some ideas of your own in our Comments or on our Facebook page Photocrafting Fun.

Pinhole Press offers wonderful photocrafting opportunities and resulting products for hours of entertainment.
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