Hang Up Your Photocrafting for Santa

Hang Up Your Photocrafting for Santa

How cute are these Christmas stockings? What a fun way to combine photocrafting, gift-giving, and holiday decorating! I saw them and wanted to make one immediately. Then I realized almost everyone I know already has a Christmas stocking. That wouldn’t stop me! I suspected that newborns and pets might be able to use a new stocking. What about newlyweds at a family gathering? These stockings also make a darling way to present a gift — maybe to your grandmother living far away or for a collection of gifts around a theme.

I decided to make a stocking for my sister’s dog, Zoe. My sister loves Christmas and all the trappings so she actually probably already has a stocking for Zoe. But maybe she could use another? I got a couple cute pictures of Zoe to try and learned immediately that I’d need to think a bit more about the outline of the image — it has to fit nicely onto the shape of a sock. We got two photos of Zoe (not always easy) and decided on the one with Zoe facing front directly.

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Holiday Cards the Photocrafting Way

One of
An early holiday greeting!

Did you know that Louis Prang is credited with selling the first Christmas cards to the United States in 1874? I like to imagine that his image at the right could be a photo of a couple under the mistletoe. Alas it’s not an early photocrafting creation. He commissioned artists to do paintings for use in his cards.

So why are we talking about holiday cards? It’s hard to believe that it might be time to start thinking about them. But why not avoid the rush this year? Tom’s Guide: Best Photo Cards in 2020 already has a great description of ten favorite photocrafting sites for cards. We’ll add a couple more here and talk about the Five Picks for a process to create your favorites!

For an example, I wanted to make a holiday card that includes a family and photos from a vacation to France. I’ll work through our Five Picks: 1) Pick your photos, 2) Pick your site, 3) Pick a card type, 4) Pick a template, and 5) Pick your customization.

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