Photocrafting for a Photocrafter

The Mixbook site header has my book superimposed on it.
I received a photo book made just for me!

What a wonderful surprise I got this month — a photo book made just for me! I had a major birthday and Shel and her mom decided to make a book for me. I was (and am) overwhelmed! What a labor of love! It’s fabulous and seems just the right highlight for this post.

Photo books are probably the primary photocrafting experience and a good way to wrap up Photocrafting Fun for a while. We’ll look at my very special book, review some photocrafting organizing tips, and provide links to some of our earlier posts about books. Here’s to inspiring you to start creating your own book! Believe me, it will be a treasure.

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Five Favorites: Calendars

Calendars might be the most-often-made photocrafting project. The new year is not far away, and calendars are a great gift. Everyone can use calendars: there’s a need for a new one each year and they’re ready-made for photos! Of course, many pretty, clever, and interesting calendars are available to buy, so why make one? Because it’s all about making it a personal gift.

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