Gifts for Photocrafters

Hey, Shel says it’s time to think about the gifts we photocrafters might like to have. She’s put together a list of five. Hope you find something here that catches your eye or, better yet, is an addition to your personal gift list.

An image showing examples of five gifts that would be nice for photocrafters.
How about gifts for photocrafters instead of from photocrafters?
Here’s a solid tripod, a portable printer, a photo-editing app, special lens, and a beautiful leather strap.
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Phone Photocrafting

By now you probably know that I most often use my computer or laptop for photocrafting. Niece Shell likes being on her smartphone so this post is from her! She suggests five photocrafting options for your phone. (She uses an iPhone; I use an Android, and these work on both). Apps that work directly on your smartphone mean you don’t have to upload your photos to a computer!