Photocraft a Wine Tote

Still searching for the perfect gift for the holidays? How about a good bottle of wine in a tote photocrafted by you? Actually, the tote could be gift enough!

I got to help during an afternoon of grape harvest at our neighbor’s vineyard. (My job was to pull leaves out of the buckets of picked grapes.) It was a beautiful day so naturally I took a few pictures of the vineyard and the process. When I came upon the wine tote offered by Zazzle, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. What could be more perfect than a wine tote with pictures of the vineyard itself?

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

What could be more special than sending your mother a personalized photo vase filled with colorful roses? That’s our photocrafting project for today! Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your mother or a mother figure in your life with a special and personal photocrafting gift.

So how did Mother’s Day begin? The Greeks paid annual homage to Cybele, the mother figure of their gods, and the Romans dedicated an annual spring festival to the mother of their gods. In 16th century England a celebration called “Mothering Sunday” was inaugurated—a Sunday set aside for visiting one’s mother. In 1914 in the U.S., President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day. Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in several countries around the world at different points during the year and according to varying cultural traditions.

We’ve posted about several ideas already that would make special photocrafting Mother’s Day gifts: a fun mug, a cozy throw, a cute tote bag. A few weeks ago, I ran across and thought it would make an exceptionally unique gift. How special is a bouquet of flowers in a personal photo vase!