Photocrafting a Pallet

Picture of a photo pallet of a toddler walking down a road.  The pallet is positioned above a chest with a basket and pottery vase.

It’s time for the holidays and maybe that means some gift-giving. Do you have a special photo of your family, of a vacation, of a fun memory that you would love to give to someone (or have for yourself?). A canvas is always wonderful but sometimes it’s nice to find something different. I came across PhotoBarn and decided to give it a try. I had a great picture of a young toddler walking down our lane dragging a stick. I was going to make a Photo Pallet for his grandmother but liked it so well, I kept it!

Photo Barn is very easy to use and follows our usual photocrafting procedures. Find an image you like, choose the specific product and size, upload your image, and make any editing corrections. Wahoo — you’re finished except for the ordering.

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Photocrafting a Wall Hanging

I decided I wanted to use some of our vacation photos on the walls in our bedroom (a practice my husband says makes us look like “old folks” but photocrafting won out.) A favorite part of any trip for us is getting to see the sun set over a body of water so that was an obvious choice. Wanting something larger than a canvas (and yes, we have those too), I found Custom Wall Tapestries. It’s definitely a delight for photocrafters. I could not have been happier; the result was marvelous. I love seeing it every day!