Holiday Cards the Photocrafting Way

One of
An early holiday greeting!

Did you know that Louis Prang is credited with selling the first Christmas cards to the United States in 1874? I like to imagine that his image at the right could be a photo of a couple under the mistletoe. Alas it’s not an early photocrafting creation. He commissioned artists to do paintings for use in his cards.

So why are we talking about holiday cards? It’s hard to believe that it might be time to start thinking about them. But why not avoid the rush this year? Tom’s Guide: Best Photo Cards in 2020 already has a great description of ten favorite photocrafting sites for cards. We’ll add a couple more here and talk about the Five Picks for a process to create your favorites!

For an example, I wanted to make a holiday card that includes a family and photos from a vacation to France. I’ll work through our Five Picks: 1) Pick your photos, 2) Pick your site, 3) Pick a card type, 4) Pick a template, and 5) Pick your customization.

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Photocrafting Leggings?

Two photos of a leggings I designed with 16 b/w photos to give to the mother of a toddler.
Leggings I designed with 16 photos of a favorite toddler.

I’m always on the lookout for something different to use with photos, especially for a gift. You can imagine my surprise and excitement to find leggings on Zazzle available for photocrafting! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to create a pair. I decided to do a pair for the mother of a toddler and away I went. The leggings arrived in good time and looked great — the fabric is a good quality and the images were clear. I took them to my own yoga class for show and tell. One person who loved them said she didn’t have children but it would be fun to use photos of her dog.

This is a much more interesting creative process than many photocrafting projects. It requires some planning! The good news? There’s a quick and easy method. The challenging news? It’s a wonderful project for those of you with some artistic flair and imagination.

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Summer Beach Towel

Whatever you’ve been doing this summer, it will be one to remember! And photocrafting is all about memories. So how about making a beach towel with a special memory of the summer. It’s quick and easy! With luck, you’ll still have a few weeks to enjoy using it and next summer it will be a reminder of a happy time or place in the summer of 2020.

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Phone Photocrafting

By now you probably know that I most often use my computer or laptop for photocrafting. Niece Shell likes being on her smartphone so this post is from her! She suggests five photocrafting options for your phone. (She uses an iPhone; I use an Android, and these work on both). Apps that work directly on your smartphone mean you don’t have to upload your photos to a computer!


Photocrafting Anniversary Favorites

We’re celebrating our first year of Thanks so much for your support. Our Five Favorites today will be from our last year of posts — what did we think was especially fun to make, what do we find ourselves doing again, what do we wish we could do more often?