Photocrafting a Pallet

Picture of a photo pallet of a toddler walking down a road.  The pallet is positioned above a chest with a basket and pottery vase.

It’s time for the holidays and maybe that means some gift-giving. Do you have a special photo of your family, of a vacation, of a fun memory that you would love to give to someone (or have for yourself?). A canvas is always wonderful but sometimes it’s nice to find something different. I came across PhotoBarn and decided to give it a try. I had a great picture of a young toddler walking down our lane dragging a stick. I was going to make a Photo Pallet for his grandmother but liked it so well, I kept it!

Photo Barn is very easy to use and follows our usual photocrafting procedures. Find an image you like, choose the specific product and size, upload your image, and make any editing corrections. Wahoo — you’re finished except for the ordering.

Although this is an easy photocrafting project, there are a couple considerations with the pallet. It has lines running through your image! Most likely when you up load your photo, it won’t fit neatly into the divisions. That’s easy to fix. You can resize the image to make it larger (or smaller), rotate the image, and move it within the pallet area. In my case, I uploaded a portrait mode photo that was obviously too tall for the landscape pallet. The default placement took the top part of the original image. I always like to highlight the person so I tried making the child larger. However, that moved the CHILDREN AT PLAY sign out of the picture. I moved the image around and made it smaller (though not as small as originally.

I was extremely pleased with the final product. The Photo Pallets really provide a unique piece of wall art with the slatted wood. The quality was great; you can see below the detail on the back that allows the art to hang slightly out from the wall, and there’s a ready-to-hang keyhole slot. Pallets range in size from 11×11 to 21×21. I chose the 14×20 size.

A couple of tips: Sometimes you can have a great photo without having to have the front face of a person so be imaginative in thinking about images you might use. From the company: the site works best from a desktop or laptop computer and don’t drag-and-drop the image. Click on the + in the middle of the pallet to choose your image to upload. I would add that it’s not obvious where the photos or work are stored so be careful about starting a piece and then leaving to return later.

Although I’ve only ordered a Photo Pallet from PhotoBarn there are other unique photocrafting possibilities. E.g. PhotoBoards print your image directly on to premium 3/4 inch thick birch. PhotoCrates are a combination of barnwood frames and high quality prints. Framed Burlap Prints print your image on premium burlap using archival inks, mounted to a birch backer and finished with a premium pine or barnwood frame. We hope these will provide some new ideas for your photocrafting — and we’d love to see photos and reviews of any of your creations!

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